Today we are a firm in which over 1500 companies have placed their trust by choosing us to appraise the value of their assets. In the last three years alone, 75% of our clients have come to us as the result of a recommendation. This trust has enabled us to appraise assets totaling US $3,500 million.

Over 30 years offering appraisal solutions

We are a firm with over 30 years experience and as such it is of paramount importance to highlight that all of our work is aimed at meeting the needs of our clients.
We employ professional, ethical and highly qualified personnel to determine, in expert fashion, the necessary specifications to achieve goals that provide real and effective solutions.


  • We commit to improving and protecting the standards of professional appraisal. We will make great and continuous efforts to increase our knowledge and improve our techniques and skills, which will be available through our professional services to our clients.
  • We place the interests of our clients above our own and maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to the data used in our work.
  • We recognize our responsibility, which is one of public interest, and contribute to the development and understanding of our profession by taking a position independent of the client at all times.
  • We recognize our responsibility to share with other appraisers the criteria we use to serve our customers, but we will not use, without proper authorization, information, processing, procedures or other techniques that other appraisers have developed for themselves, and that have not been made available for general use.
  • We will not make job offers to personnel from other appraisal firms or staff of the companies that we work for.
  • We commit to continuously analyzing and evaluating the quality of the work done by our personnel, to ensure insofar as it is possible that our commitments are carried out competently.
  • We will provide our staff with the opportunity for comprehensive development through training and education.
  • We will always handle internal and external administrative matters relating to our profession with its best interests in mind.
  • We will not damage the dignity or moral quality of our profession when using advertising services.
  • We will demonstrate full respect towards other appraisal firms, whether individuals or corporations, with regard to their reputation and professional practice. However, this respect does not mean we can forget our moral obligation to expose the wrongdoing or misconduct of members who deviate from our commitments.